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Pipetting Samples

Skill sharing

Stuck on an experiment? New to the field? CSBGU aims to connect grad students within the department.


This webpage has the contact information for specific skills that volunteer grad students have specialized in. 

Feel free to reach out!

Model Organisms

Transgenic Animals

Kevin ( Listeria monocytogenes

Tirthankar ( Drosophila

Steven ( Yeast

Amanda ( Zebra Fish

Tammy ( Caenorhabditis elegans

Clare ( Arabidopsis thaliana

Kathryn ( Pseudomonas syringae



Tirthankar ( Confocal microscopy Imaging, Quantitative analysis

Tammy ( Confocal microscopy

Ernest ( Imaging, Quantitative analysis

Fernando ( Imaging, Quantitative analysis

Molecular Biology

Test Tubes

Luis ( RT-qPCR, CRISPR, RNA-Seq, Chip-Seq

Ssuyu ( Western Blot, RNAi

PJ ( DNA/RNA extraction

Vineeth ( Protein expression, Protein purification, Co-IP, Neuron culturing, Cell culturing

Amir ( Protein expression, Protein purification

Amanda ( HPLC, ELISA

Tammy ( RNAi

Kevin ( HPLC, Protein expression, Protein purification, EMSA

Steven ( Flow cytometry

Manisha ( Cell culturing

Structural Biology

Amir ( Protein crystallization

Scientific Software

Man Hands On Keyboard

Ernest ( ImageJ, Python

Amir ( PyMOL, Autodock, Phyre

Tammy ( Leica LASX

PJ ( R

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